Terms of Service

GainGramGrowth is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or any Instagram third-party partners in any way.  By using GainGramGrowth, you automatically agree to these Terms, so please read them carefully. If you do not accept all Terms then please do not use our service.
It is your sole responsibility to comply with Instagram rules and any legislation that you are subject to. You use GainGramGrowth at your own risk.

We are not responsible for your actions and their consequences. We are not to blame if your Instagram account is banned for any reason.

We require your Instagram username and password to obtain required information for the Instagram API. We won’t give away, or otherwise distribute your password to any third parties. We will not post or comment on any accounts on your account’s behalf.

The expected amount of followers, likes and comments is not guaranteed to you in any way.  We strive to do our best to grow your account however factors outside our services, such as the niche, the content you post and how often, affect the growth rate.

Due to the nature of the business and potential API upgrades we can’t guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted or error-free operability of the services.  Unforeseeable downtime will be discussed and dealt with on a client basis and reimbursed.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide updated passwords to GainGramGrowth during their use of the GainGramGrowth service. Any downtime of service in relation to a client not providing their current password will not result in any payment reimbursement for that period of time.

You agree that upon purchasing our service, you clearly understand and agree what you are purchasing, and will not file a fraudulent dispute via the payment processor used.

Clients on the Boost growth plan are responsible for adding their target hashtags and accounts via the initial online form and subsequent Spreadsheet which will be sent via email.  The client is able to update their target hashtags and accounts anytime however updates to the service will only occur twice a month. Any downtime of service in relation to a client not providing required details will not result in any payment reimbursement for that period of time.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or withdraw the whole or any part of our service or any of its content at any time without notice and without incurring any liability.


Subscription – Your subscription will continue month-to-month until terminated. Unless you cancel your subscription at least 3 days before your monthly billing date, you authorize us to charge your next month’s subscription fee to your Payment Method (see “Cancellation” below).
Cancellation can be made via email (gaingramgrowth@lezlea.co.uk) and must be completed three days in advance of next bill date to avoid next months charge.
3 month contract plans are non refundable.


Refund requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. The refund policy as described in the Terms of Service does not serve as a guarantee of refund. Multiple factors are taken into consideration, of which may include (but not limited to): amount of account management provided, amount of followers received, date of subscription, events of force major, contract period binding, subscription type, past experience with the Service, account manager feedback, targeting as defined by the Customer.

Refunds for 3 month or annual subscriptions are provided at the sole discretion of the Company. Should a refund be provided at the discretion of the Company, the Company may offer only partial refund in accordance to the remaining time on the Subscription minus discount offered on the price.
If you believe you should be issued a refund, please reach out to our support team with full details of your request. While we strive to be as fair as possible when reviewing a refund request, please keep in mind that refunds are usually provided only in extreme circumstances.


Limitations – In no event will we have any liability for lost profit, revenue, or any circumstantial, incidental, consequential, punitive, or other forms of damages however they may have been caused, whether in contract, tort, or under any other theoretical circumstance of liability and regardless of whether the party has been advised of the possibility of the aforementioned damages. Our maximum aggregate liability to you for any alleged breach of these Terms is NINETY POUND STERLING(90 GBP).

While GainGramGrowth strives to provide the very best services, unforeseeable circumstances may prevent us fulfilling our contractual obligations. A “Force Major” is understood as natural disasters, including fire, flood, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, other natural disasters, war, invasion, acts of hostility, civil war, rebellions, revolutions, insurrections, military coups, terrorist activity, suspension of electricity or phone services. No party is considered liable under said events. Should the Service to the Customer be postponed, suspended, or cancelled under Force Major, both the Customer and the Company agree not to hold any party liable.


Support – We strive to provide our users with industry leading support. For any questions, sales or technical questions, please email us at gaingramgrowth@lezlea.co.uk